Hipster Haters – Why can’t we all just get along?

What, I wonder is wrong with a new wave of thought, dress, or music? I deny claiming to be part of or being associated with this “new” group, but I wonder why the extreme dislike of such an “original” crowd.

I say “new” and “original” because there is nothing new or original about the hipster.

Hipster: (according to Merriam-Webster.com): person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (as in jazz or fashion).

Funny as the site “Look at this fucking Hipster”  may be, it makes me wonder.  The book, now available at major sites including Amazon.com, by Joe Mande does seem interesting and will update with a review if I do come across it. What are the intentions of the site? Just thinking about the topic, I have no intention on digging to the bottom of this yet. However, it is a common topic, especially among those haters from a college town I know so well.

People have been looking for a new beat and thread since humans began meeting the first two needs (from bottom) of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  New styles for being “different” and for being original have been throughout time. While the hipster thought and style may seem to some as a way to gain attention – and to some it may be just that – it is not something that can be overgeneralized.

In the 20th century Jack Kerouac often wrote about hipsters which later became known as the Beat Generation. Following were the “hippies” in the 1960s which were clear decedents of the previous decade with lifestyles and general line of travel, but greatly deviated with their fashion. Music later heavily influenced these new “hipsters” with the following decades. The music and followers of disco in the 1970s,  the wild times of the 1980s, and the music and fads of the 1990s which included grunge music with flannel shirts and all.

Each of these “original” and “new” groups can be labeled hipsters to some degree, especially if defining purely by the dictionary. They were all driven by music, individualism, and a culture of community. They found new music and were ridiculed by conservatives and traditionalists alike.

Nothing wrong about being yourself. Funny as you may look, funny as you may be, or funny as you are. I am still semi-stuck in the 1990s and proud.  Look at this fucking hipster, and then take a look at yourself. We all look a little funny.  Hipsters… I dig it.


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