Give Me News, Not Biebs

Breaking news from CNN and just about every reputable news organization: Justin Bieber Arrested. In other news, people are dying, but let us get back to the important subjects to us all like the Biebs.


I regularly read the news. I am a bit of a news junkie, in fact. Every morning starts with a cup of coffee, a newspaper, and some news websites such as CNN and BBC. This is what I do as I am trying to wake up. I like to find out what is going on in the world. I want to know what is important to me, the state in which I live, the country in which I live, and the world, too. I will try to keep calm as I say this, but seriously, “reputable news sources,” what is up with all of the ridiculous celebrity gossip?

First things first. Bieber was arrested for being a dangerous, immature, bratty kid. What he allegedly did could have hurt someone or killed them. No excuse, and the kid should be punished if he did it. Why are all of these fans supporting this menace to society? Some of his fans, known as Beliebers, are outraged by his arrest. Seriously angry about it? The incident he was allegedly involved in was dangerous and illegal. They should be mad at him, not the arrest. I heard a girl say she did not like him for his music, she liked him because he is cute. Poor, misguided kid. In a civilized society people should be liked for how they treat people and not their appearance. The Biebs, in this imaginary world I think should exist, would have been knocked down a peg. Either way. In the real world he needs to go.

In other news Syria’s government is murdering more people with barrel bombs, and there is violence in the Ukraine. It is not completely the citizens’ fault that they are powerless against their government. The world and superpowers are turning their heads. This happens frequently. I guess they do a little rubbernecking at the violence and crimes which they should do something about, but they do not do any more than lip service.

Back to the important information for your day: The men from the 1990’s television series “Full House” are coming back together for a reunion. I miss some of those good television shows so this is kind of nice to see them together again. Well, I like it when I see old, television series actors any time for the nostalgia, but this is for a short reunion in a Super Bowl yogurt commercial.

Oh, more advertisements for upcoming celebrities. Mork and Mindy’s Pam Dawber will be on an episode of the Crazy Ones with Robin Williams, too. I wonder if Robin will get confused and try to sit on his head like Mork. Oh well. This is all great, but this should not be headline news. Interesting, nostalgic, fun stuff. Not news. Advertisements for celebrities and gossipy bull. That is all.

Had enough celebrity information and tabloid bull with your coffee? How about some news about a guy being sworn in as a deputy in Mississippi? Finally, real news. Dan Aykroyd is now an honorary deputy in Hinds County, Mississippi. The police are hiring actors now? Great. Celebrity gossip meets the real news. Then again, this is a story I enjoyed because I imagined myself being arrested by Elwood Blues. I would even give him some toasted white bread as a bribe. No butter or jam. Dry of course.

I do not know who is following who. Are the governments of the world ignoring the real issues because of the media or is the media ignoring the important news because of the apparent apathy of the governments? The most likely explanation of the government apathy is really just the politicians trying to get votes. The most likely explanation why news organizations do what they do is that they are just trying to sell newspapers and get ratings. I get it. Maybe it is the customers to blame and the voters’ fault.This culture is screwy.

These news organizations of which I speak are not TMZ or the tabloids. They should not specialize in these types of stories.  These junk news stories are in the headlines everywhere from the big boys of CNN and BBC. These types of stories, especially any story about Biebs, are trending on social media as if they are the most important events in the world. This junk news is what people want, and maybe they read and share it because they do not want to be depressed by what is really happening in the world around them. We live in a world of apathy, ignorance, and disinterest. A blind eye is the best eye. Television drama and sitcoms are the only things seen in the window to the world by citizens which reside in the wealthiest countries. This is sad.

Trust me. You can plaster the front page with all the important events happening in my state, country, and planet, and I will not freak out. I am a calm, understanding, mostly sane individual. Just please, I want good information which will help me have an understanding of my world. If I wanted gossip or celebrity bull I would pick up a supermarket tabloid or follow some dumb Hollywood brats on Twitter. I am so annoyed. I want the news. I want the facts. Give it to me, baby.

“And remember, people, that no matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there’re still some things that makes us all the same. You. Me. Them. Everybody. Everybody.” – Elwood Blues


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