Bieber About to be Swept Down River?

News of the Biebs again. What ridiculousness. How is this person still a somebody? After the racing issue in Florida, the egging incidents, and now the most recent incident with a limo driver, I wonder how he will ever get his life back in order. Dumb kid.

Niagra Falls - BieberIf you have not heard, he was recently arrested again. He surrendered in Toronto, Canada, for an event in December where he allegedly assaulted a limo driver. Of course this information has been plastered across CNN as of late, so apparently it is big news. With all these incidents, some people are even calling on him to be deported. Back to Canada for you, Biebs. I have nothing else to say about it. This is just my thoughts. It looks like all down hill from here for Bieber.


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