The Super Cool Fun Time GNU Image Manipulation Software

The Gimp is damn cool. I dig it. No, I am not talking about your friend with a bum leg, like a college fraternity brother I had who was nicknamed “Gimp.” The Gimp I dig is the friendly photo editing software also known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP).

I have been using for years. Mostly for personal photo editing, some of the basic tools like brightness, contrast, and occasionally adding text or some other simple edit. It has been very helpful. Recently, however, I have been using for more creative purposes. It all began when I was bored of work and other personal writings I have been working on.

First thing I did was read about all of the other tools, features, and fun that can be done with the GimWelcome to the Internetp. So much information can be found online about it like the options, settings, filters and oddball functions which can be very useful in a professional setting. I am not here to go over a huge, full, in-depth review of it. That has been done a bunch of times by reputable websites and magazines (Extreme Tech, Arstechnica, PC World).

The next thing I did was find a website with free pictures to download. Anyone can take a picture of the internet, but I wanted to find a website which had royalty free public pictures. Of course, many are out there, but I really dig lately. Then after finding a couple odd free photos, I went to work with all the fun of the Gimp!

One of the great things about it has nothing to do with the functionality of it. It is also a great program because it is free. I mean, free, and beautiful with the Gnu The Pine PathPublic License. Not like free beer, but more like free speech. GNU is super. I am a big fan of open source, open minded software and people. I am also a nerd who uses Linux. So sue me (don’t really).

The licensing of the expensive alternatives like Adobe Photoshop makes it difficult for many of us to enjoy that quality. Even those big guys at Adobe are changing it up and making it more difficult.  No, the Gimp is not really top of the line with functions like Adobe Photoshop, but it has some great options that makes it almost as good or “good enough” for the price and the need of the amateur, average Joe.

I admit I am not very good with graphic design or anything similar to it. I am not expert or professional. It is fun, though. My intentions of this little write-up about it is just to get the Gimp some attention. I enjoy it. It has been helping me pass the time at my boring job. When I am not busy with my job I tend to write or find some other creative outlet. With all of this time, the creativity in me needs to poor out somehow because I am an oddball. The Gimp is helpful with my need to create. I want to give it some praise, some love, and some respect. Give it a try. You will learn to love it. I recommend if you like it to donate at the Gimp website. It needs some love.


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