My Thoughts: Complaints and Stuff

You ever notice how much people complain online? I do. Seems to be many whiners and complainers on social media sites. Isometimes it is just little things that annoy them or big things in the world, but everyone has an opinion and some like to whine about something. I have a confession: I am one of those people.

I recently started using Facebook again. I know, it is dumb, it really is dumb and annoying, but it is a way to keep up with some lost friends I have long forgotten. I prefer being anti-social. We will see how long this Facebook thing lasts for me.

I notice how my Facebook “status” is often just a complaint. When the website asks me “What is on you mind?” I normally put something that is on my mind which tends to be whiny or a complaint. For example, as of late there has been too much snow where I have been living. Damn snow. I forgot how much I hate it. It is cold. It is wet. It is one of many reasons I am glad I am not staying here long.

All of this complaining gets to me. Maybe I need to drink more – or less, whichever works. Probably less. I find as I am getting older things irritate me more. I feel like Grumpy Cat (that adorable grumpy looking cat which has become an internet sensation as a meme). Yeah, I feel like that cat except without the internet following.

When I have time to think, I tend to think about my past and something to complain about back then. I find my lost or missed paths, mistakes and inconvenient detours, are lost in time and space from here to there and everywhere, and every when. They sit, stand, slip by, gnawing at me. Om, nom, om, nom, nom… I think I need a vacation. I need a planned detour of sorts instead of the cautious lurches forward and haphazard turns I have made as of late. I have too much time and not enough of it. Too much time is great with open doors, but it is worthless locked in especially if I have the key.

Oh well, I will get there whether it is a real place or not. This little rant of sorts is just my thoughts. It sounds a little like Andy Rooney or Jerry Seinfeld except without the laughter if you laugh at those people. Yeah. I need a vacation. Soon, and if I die in a place I call home, at least I will die free. Whine, yadda, yadda, om, nom, nom… Shut up, me.


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