It is Spinning Out of Control

In a word: Vertigo

Picture it! Sicily, 1912. You are sitting down reading a book, when suddenly an urge for a drink comes to you. It is a thirst that must be quenched immediately. You jump up and quickly turn towards the kitchen when an odd feeling you have never felt before, at least not like that. It feels like a rushing of water, an intensifying fluid-less water, growing with depth and intensity within your head. Your ears hear a static like an old radio television show. Then, just when you think it was odd and uncomfortable enough, the room turns slightly to the right, then rushes back spinning to the right almost a complete 360 degrees! Just when you think it will complete spin you around, it spins back, and then agadizzyin the other way! Your body and head try to accommodate the changes, moving and flailing arms to grasp onto something as your legs turn different directions and eventually lose balance, falling, sideways and then backwards to the ground. For about 30 seconds, maybe even a minute this goes on whether you are lucky enough to have caught yourself on a chair or are lying on the floor, hopefully not injured from the fall. Then, the tide of rushing, fluid-less sensation recedes, your ears regain a clarity in perceived sound, your eyes can finally focus, and the room is still and silent. This has been my life for about a month and counting.

It is a symptom of many conditions generically called vertigo. It is dizziness with an extreme prejudice on the body’s senses. This symptom, not to be confused by the film by Alfred Hitchcock, is one that often involves issues with the inner ear to make your body think there is motion or that it is not sufficiently balanced. Instinctively, one when they are about lose their balance or perceive that they would lose said balance, would move to steady themselves. With this, however, there is no issue where the body is actually losing balance, so any said movements would actually cause the body to fall or lose balance. It is painful, difficult to manage daily life, and I would go as far as saying it is dangerous.

This issue is a somewhat common issue among people with certain ear conditions or infections. One common condition is called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Some people have it for reasons other than ear related such as blood sugar imbalances or blood pressure drops. It is something I have heard about, but it is in no way something I could imagine.

The many causes and conditions with this debilitating symptom aside, it is something with limited treatment for some people. Rest, motion sickness pills, and sometimes medicine or surgery for the specific conditions or diseases that have this symptom. For me, I think or hope it is an inner-ear infection. The doctor is uncertain, but it can be ruled out that it is blood pressure or blood sugar related.

So, if you ever meet anyone with a similar symptom as part of a condition, do no dismiss it simple dizziness. We all, including myself, have been dizzy from illness or other reasons. This is significantly more intense. Hopefully more can be understood about this with my description. Hopefully, of the many issues this 2016 I plan to handle, tackle, and research, this is the last time I need to mention it.


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