Day 1 – Terrorists in Oregon

In the news today Terrorists with guns have taken control over a government building in Oregon. They are heavily armed and have ties with known criminals. This group is dangerous per accounts and allegedly want to overthrow the U.S. government. Where is the outrage of government officials and media coverage about this terrorist occupation in the United States? Oh. That is right. These are white guys.

This will be short because it is a developing story. It is a story where heavily armed white men have taken over government property in “protest” over their friends who are to be sent to jail for vandalizing and damaging government land. There are also some reports of illegal use of the land and poaching. So, why is the media and government officials not calling this group, who is violently acting for a political reason, a terrorist group? Why at least is this not at bare minimum called a “gang” and treated as such? They are white. If police can kill a black man for having a knife with 16 shots in the middle of the street or a black child for having a toy gun then why not here? Why call and of course kill two people “terrorists” who were Muslims in California (that they did rightfully call them “terrorists” in this case, however…) and why not here? Why not now?

If you are white with a gun that is holding land that does not belong to you your are called a militia in the United States. You are a “patriot” according to some people. If you are black you are called a gang. If you are affiliated with a non-Christian religion you are a terrorist. I understand the importance of labels and words, but this is ridiculous on how they label whites vs. non-whites and Christians vs. non-Christians. What is wrong with the U.S.? Gosh.


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