Pizza is Served So Drink up?

Mmm… Pizza.

It is a lighter side of commentary included within this post. I am a huge fan of pizza, so it goes without saying how important this post is to the world and me. Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and apparently some other lesser known chain pizza restaurants are dropping price so low it hurts! Well, it does not hurt, but it tastes oh so good. It is great 2016 deals!

Pizza Hut wanted to do something in this big war and battle to gain ground against rivals. What did they do? Oh, fuck yeah, they lowered the price of a medium one topping pizza to $5 with the purchase of something else including bread sticks (at regular price) or another one topping pizza at the low, low price of $5.

How amazing is that? Oh? Not good enough? Wait, there is more! (insert Billy Mays?). Papa John’s, too, released a great deal for the new year. They are offering customers a “chance” to get a second pizza for 50 cents if said customer simultaneously orders a large pizza at regular price. While this sounds amazing, there are problems with Papa. In 2012, the CEO, John Schnatter’s, made some very negative comments about the Affordable Care Act – an act that has provided millions of people with the opportunity for health care in the United States. These comments did hurt their business, some, but because of that, I hesitate to order there and really have not since those comments. No matter the political changes of the company and nation, that is how I have went forward with my pizza ordering.

In fact, I have mostly made my own pizza or ordered locally. There is a couple of great local places that have better pizza than any chain (John’s Wildwood Pizza & Edinboro Online: Norman’s if you are in NW PA). My home-made pizza, and sometimes the frozen junk in the stores, is better than the chains. So, do I need any of it? Not really. The great deals, however, are an awesome opportunity for anyone on a budget or wants to try again those great pizza businesses.


On a side note, however, is a comical point in my deranged head about Pizza Hut. Their Vice President of Marketing’s name is Jared Drinkwater. Interestingly enough they sell primarily Pepsi brand products. Should I drink water or Pepsi, Mr. Drinkwater? Should I? I don’t know. I’ll just eat some pizza. Maybe you should, too? Fuck your diet.


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