Alleged Terrorists Caught! Not in Oregon

Good news, everyone! The federal officials in the United States have made several arrests in terrorist related incidents! These include alleged connections with terrorism, and these “alleged terrorists” were arrested in California and Texas. Interesting points about this include none of the arrests were about alleged terrorists with intent to do harm in the United States, and those arrests did not even include a terrorist group in Oregon that has threatened the death of police.

It is great to arrest terrorists or alleged terrorists or people connected with terrorism. The problem is that in Oregon there is a group of rednecks that have taken land and a building, claimed it their own, and have threatened to kill anyone who tries to take it back from them. As I have previously mentioned, this by definition, is terrorism. Why have they not arrested or attempted arrested these guys in Oregon? Is it because they are white and not like the alleged terrorists in Texas and California who were connected with other organizations? Makes sense. White privilege allows for terrorism in the United States.

Recently a sheriff in the area of the Oregon Terrorists has tried to talk to the group. They met, face-to-face, and he politely asked them to leave. They of course told him they were not going to leave. So, what did the sheriff do? He accepted that and left quietly with his tail between his legs. Seriously? These people have taken over public land and building, threatened the death of anyone who tries to stop them, and not only are they not called terrorists, no action is taken against them! What on Earth is wrong with United States’ tough stance on terrorism? Citizens (white) threaten death, steal, and still are provided with their rights to continue to commit crimes on a community. If this does not end soon, it will be a huge black eye on issues related to “white privilege” and terrorism in the U.S. Of course peaceful is better, but these want-to-be cop killers have no intention of being peaceful. So be it. And so it goes, so it goes.


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