WTF Oregon?

Ok. This will be short because I am busy and tired. Seriously, Oregon. Why is what you call an “occupier” and I call a criminal group (at least) allowed to dictate snacks and how they want to be treated legally? Oregon “occupiers” a.k.a. terrorist organization or militia wants a “common law” jury to find them right or wrong in a court or legal proceeding. This is ridiculous. Thieves, criminals, thugs, terrorists, have taken public property and demanded it to be given to them or else physical harm. Where is there an issue here that does not require and demand legal and lawfully violent action to uphold the rule of law? This is America where people cannot steal and if they do and threaten another human being for a political agenda, they are criminals and terrorists to be dealt with immediately and not by allowing for their demands. Gosh. I don’t want it to end violently. I really do not, but there needs to be a law of the land action. If they respond with force, force should be taken. This is not an issue of government stealing land, it is an issue of people stealing public land. GOSH! WTF!!!


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