Are You Feeling the Bern Now, Mr Krabs?

Politics is my thing. Have you heard about this guy named Bernie Sanders? Well, you should have unless you have lived under a rock for the past couple decades or if you’re an ignorant piece of shit. Anyway, whether you agree or not, I like him, I like his policies, and I am “feeling the Bern.”

So, why am I writing this short little piece? Well, I have seen a lot go down over the years. The gap between the poor and the wealthy have increased with income equality, the middle class in the U.S. has declined, and people are still without health insurance (although better than before the Affordable Care Act). With a more progressive and European-styled policy person, this can change and should change. Franklin D. Roosevelt started it in the United States and few liked it then. Today, Sanders has drawn some criticism because of misunderstanding. Seriously, he is the FDR of the modern U.S. history who will and can take us from our recession (or I would really argue a depression) through the past decade.


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Do you “feel the Bern” now? I hope you do eventually. Read about him. Read about how someone came up with the awesome slogan and hashtag of #feelthebern. Someone named Winnie Wong started it all. Interesting stuff, but I know you can read so do it. Do it now. Feel it. Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?


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