Maybe a Political Revolution is Here?

I am political. You understand that during this times and all of the joke news stations (CNN, FOX) want to talk about the bullshit between parties and internally, do they really see what is happening? Do they see the writing on the wall?

Bernie Sanders has expressed his interest in a political revolution. This seems to be a slogan, but in reality, I can see this happening on both sides right now. It is the birth of a new, four or more, party system. We have had this happen before in U.S. politics. We have also heard the rumbling of this with the independents in the 1990s and the tea party in recent years. In the past, however, there was a big change in Republican’s and Democrats, and before that there was changes in popular parties such as the Whigs and Federalists. It isn’t new, but has not happened in a while.

The future is bright. Don’t get me wrong, it may sound bleak but it is bright. The biggest problem is that it is so bright we need to wear shades. The reference there could be to the meanings behind the song or just a realization that things are not as always as bright as they look. I can see both sides. With some “carpet bombing” comments I see more of the song meanings, but on the side, there is some darkness being spread with one of the fractions.

So, to clarify. Yes, there is a political revolution that has been simmering. This year the foundation has been visible if not firmly created. I can see the near future, sometime in the next 10 years, a four party split. To start, on the far right we have Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Each of them have said some rather hateful things about certain groups. I will call this the “Dark Right.” We will agree to disagree. Next we have a group of people on the right who are more closer to the center or are “moderate” to a certain sense. I will call those the “Light Right” to entertain a similar name. This group is losing in Republican debates and it may include John Kasich. This may be closer to the Republican that people are fond of similar to Eisenhower and maybe Reagan. Many other examples may better. The next is the middle “progressive” or liberal. This group is closer to a moderate, liberal, person with some conservative points. I would compare this to either John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton. They are forward and not moderate Republican yet still moving in a way that are positive to issues that the other side not consider. This would be rights to minorities and the different sexes and sexual orientation. I call this the “Gray Hype” for similar reasons previously mentioned with other groups based on my views. The last of the four groups or parties being created or will be notice in one way or another in the next decade is the left or progressive “extreme” that some will call it. This group obviously includes Bernie Sanders. I would call this the “European Wannabe Left” of the U.S. They are very left compared to the rest on social, political, and foreign policy issues. This group values more of the western European political side, and the issues of this group is commonly young and the most progressive and educated.

This is my concerns in short without real, true changes ahead. It is a different place politically and worldly for the United States. It may not be the best place, but it is a place where the change is real and will be seen in the coming decades. I like it, I hope for it, and I respect it. Good luck. Hope to be here when it changes or after the next mushroom cloud.


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