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On My Road in Pictures: Back to Asheville Winter 2014

Traveling is a blast. I am a big fan of adventure. I love to do new things or even old things as long as it is getting out and seeing the world. The open road, wide and wild, makes me happy. So much can be found and discovered in the world outsideon a trip, and so much can be found within a person during a short trip in a life long adventure.

The discoveries may not necessarily be something which can explained. They sometimes can not be put on paper, in words which give them justice, or shared with a photograph. The adventure on the road is often best kept to oneself and enjoyed internally. Then again, sometimes parts of it can be shared visually. Pictures are a great way to help remember events, people and places. After a trip, people often want to see the pictures. I do not take pictures nearly enough because my memory seems to hold the best part of a time which a picture cannot describe: The feeling.

I recently went on a short trip with a friend as part of my life long adventure. I am considering a move, so I took a couple days to search the land, follow the roads, and live the dream. While looking for employment and homes few pictures were taken outside of the vehicle, but while traveling and on the road my friend was able to snap a few pictures.

Here they are in a segment I like to call “On My Road in Pictures” or something like that.

It was a fun trip. Much snow and mountains were enjoyed. Sometimes the roads were difficult to travel because of the snow and ice; however, it was worth the troubles to see the world. It was a great trip from West Virginia, aka “Whiteout Virginia,” to Shelby, NC, through the mountains and into Johnson City, Tennessee. Visually it was amazing. The pictures do not do the landscape of the area justice.

I learned much about myself. For my friend and myself, it was a trip to help understand ourselves better, and it was also about the fresh air and scenery. I have not decided on the path I will take, but the decision will come soon. My adventures are not over. A move, a new life, and new adventurers are in my future. Soon.

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”

― Jack Kerouac, On the Road