Another day in Oregon

So, if you have not read the news in a while, you may be shocked to know a group of white gang members stormed a government building in Oregon to take it as their own. To add to that, they also claim they will shoot anyone who tries to remove them from this land and building. Why, I ask, does the media not call them gang members or maybe terrorists? Some people do not agree it meets the definition of terrorist. At the same time, they are doing their actions with the threat of harm to anyone in the spirit of an ideology for political gains.

Some news organizations call this group different things. One, National Public Radio for instance, refers to them as an “Oregon Occupation.” In the article linked here they claim that Oregon residents are split with some supporting their gang actions, and others vocally against them because they might hurt themselves or police. They also suggest it is an issue that is caused by people’s “frustrations” as if every time someone is upset about something they threaten death and steal. For real? Those are called criminals, extremists, terrorists, gangs, etc. Seriously? If they weren’t white, this would be a totally different story.

Now, if they were not white is one issue brought up by another news organization. One Huffington Post claims it is not terrorists, for instance. They suggest it is more of an issue of white privilege. That I can partially agree because if they were not white they would have been shot like the many other people shot in the United States by police this past year. The name game of sorts is an issue among many issues. The killing of people at a Planned Parenthood in 2015 was not called terrorism. I would call it that as would many, but it was not called that although it clearly met the definition. Why are white guys who murder people “humanized” as in this Oregon case when other non-white people not humanized? For instance, the shootings by Dear and Roof in 2015. Racism, maybe? Hmmm…

Slate has a better option to call them. They call these Oregon folks “extremists” instead of just “occupiers” or “militants” like others have called them. That is a little closer than “terrorist,” but again, the definition of terrorists is about any political or other ideology that is the intent of a campaign to create fear or concern in a group of people. That is what they are doing.

Again, I question what is up with the media and participants in this gang of terrorist “thugs.” They have, for some odd reason, have been granted to be allowed to give news interviews and not be arrested on the spot, and they also have called themselves “peaceful” people. This completely goes against their message that they would kill people if they tried to stop them from stealing this land and building. At least Twitter has stopped one of the people from preaching their hate and spreading the message of anti-American values. His name is Ammon Bundy, and he is at the heart of this “occupation.” One politician has publicly been supportive of them on Twitter. Andy Holt, a lawmaker (GOP of course) has been openly in support of them wanting to know how he can support this organization. Seriously? Wow. Treason much?


Please understand. It is not just words. These mean something. It is important to call it what it is and to define actions, no matter the race or nationality, as what they are if you want to be fair and understanding of any situation. The Young Turks know this to be true, and I recommend if you have a different opinion to check them out. It is shameful country where white guys can take over public property and threaten to kill someone and be ignored by media while a black male can just exist and be killed. WTF. #OregonUnderAttack



Pizza is Served So Drink up?

Mmm… Pizza.

It is a lighter side of commentary included within this post. I am a huge fan of pizza, so it goes without saying how important this post is to the world and me. Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and apparently some other lesser known chain pizza restaurants are dropping price so low it hurts! Well, it does not hurt, but it tastes oh so good. It is great 2016 deals!

Pizza Hut wanted to do something in this big war and battle to gain ground against rivals. What did they do? Oh, fuck yeah, they lowered the price of a medium one topping pizza to $5 with the purchase of something else including bread sticks (at regular price) or another one topping pizza at the low, low price of $5.

How amazing is that? Oh? Not good enough? Wait, there is more! (insert Billy Mays?). Papa John’s, too, released a great deal for the new year. They are offering customers a “chance” to get a second pizza for 50 cents if said customer simultaneously orders a large pizza at regular price. While this sounds amazing, there are problems with Papa. In 2012, the CEO, John Schnatter’s, made some very negative comments about the Affordable Care Act – an act that has provided millions of people with the opportunity for health care in the United States. These comments did hurt their business, some, but because of that, I hesitate to order there and really have not since those comments. No matter the political changes of the company and nation, that is how I have went forward with my pizza ordering.

In fact, I have mostly made my own pizza or ordered locally. There is a couple of great local places that have better pizza than any chain (John’s Wildwood Pizza & Edinboro Online: Norman’s if you are in NW PA). My home-made pizza, and sometimes the frozen junk in the stores, is better than the chains. So, do I need any of it? Not really. The great deals, however, are an awesome opportunity for anyone on a budget or wants to try again those great pizza businesses.


On a side note, however, is a comical point in my deranged head about Pizza Hut. Their Vice President of Marketing’s name is Jared Drinkwater. Interestingly enough they sell primarily Pepsi brand products. Should I drink water or Pepsi, Mr. Drinkwater? Should I? I don’t know. I’ll just eat some pizza. Maybe you should, too? Fuck your diet.

Day 1 – Terrorists in Oregon

In the news today Terrorists with guns have taken control over a government building in Oregon. They are heavily armed and have ties with known criminals. This group is dangerous per accounts and allegedly want to overthrow the U.S. government. Where is the outrage of government officials and media coverage about this terrorist occupation in the United States? Oh. That is right. These are white guys.

This will be short because it is a developing story. It is a story where heavily armed white men have taken over government property in “protest” over their friends who are to be sent to jail for vandalizing and damaging government land. There are also some reports of illegal use of the land and poaching. So, why is the media and government officials not calling this group, who is violently acting for a political reason, a terrorist group? Why at least is this not at bare minimum called a “gang” and treated as such? They are white. If police can kill a black man for having a knife with 16 shots in the middle of the street or a black child for having a toy gun then why not here? Why call and of course kill two people “terrorists” who were Muslims in California (that they did rightfully call them “terrorists” in this case, however…) and why not here? Why not now?

If you are white with a gun that is holding land that does not belong to you your are called a militia in the United States. You are a “patriot” according to some people. If you are black you are called a gang. If you are affiliated with a non-Christian religion you are a terrorist. I understand the importance of labels and words, but this is ridiculous on how they label whites vs. non-whites and Christians vs. non-Christians. What is wrong with the U.S.? Gosh.

It is Spinning Out of Control

In a word: Vertigo

Picture it! Sicily, 1912. You are sitting down reading a book, when suddenly an urge for a drink comes to you. It is a thirst that must be quenched immediately. You jump up and quickly turn towards the kitchen when an odd feeling you have never felt before, at least not like that. It feels like a rushing of water, an intensifying fluid-less water, growing with depth and intensity within your head. Your ears hear a static like an old radio television show. Then, just when you think it was odd and uncomfortable enough, the room turns slightly to the right, then rushes back spinning to the right almost a complete 360 degrees! Just when you think it will complete spin you around, it spins back, and then agadizzyin the other way! Your body and head try to accommodate the changes, moving and flailing arms to grasp onto something as your legs turn different directions and eventually lose balance, falling, sideways and then backwards to the ground. For about 30 seconds, maybe even a minute this goes on whether you are lucky enough to have caught yourself on a chair or are lying on the floor, hopefully not injured from the fall. Then, the tide of rushing, fluid-less sensation recedes, your ears regain a clarity in perceived sound, your eyes can finally focus, and the room is still and silent. This has been my life for about a month and counting.

It is a symptom of many conditions generically called vertigo. It is dizziness with an extreme prejudice on the body’s senses. This symptom, not to be confused by the film by Alfred Hitchcock, is one that often involves issues with the inner ear to make your body think there is motion or that it is not sufficiently balanced. Instinctively, one when they are about lose their balance or perceive that they would lose said balance, would move to steady themselves. With this, however, there is no issue where the body is actually losing balance, so any said movements would actually cause the body to fall or lose balance. It is painful, difficult to manage daily life, and I would go as far as saying it is dangerous.

This issue is a somewhat common issue among people with certain ear conditions or infections. One common condition is called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Some people have it for reasons other than ear related such as blood sugar imbalances or blood pressure drops. It is something I have heard about, but it is in no way something I could imagine.

The many causes and conditions with this debilitating symptom aside, it is something with limited treatment for some people. Rest, motion sickness pills, and sometimes medicine or surgery for the specific conditions or diseases that have this symptom. For me, I think or hope it is an inner-ear infection. The doctor is uncertain, but it can be ruled out that it is blood pressure or blood sugar related.

So, if you ever meet anyone with a similar symptom as part of a condition, do no dismiss it simple dizziness. We all, including myself, have been dizzy from illness or other reasons. This is significantly more intense. Hopefully more can be understood about this with my description. Hopefully, of the many issues this 2016 I plan to handle, tackle, and research, this is the last time I need to mention it.

2016 – A Better New Year?

It is about that time. I know, I have not updated this dumb blog thing in a while, but that will change. It is a change in the air. I can feel it. Anyways, I do hope there are other changes in the air. That is why I am posting this.

The year 2015 was a difficult year for me. Class, work, and life changes. For other people in the world and the United States, however, it was a time of significant changes. They had people and loved ones lost to natural disasters (2015 disasters) and violent acts by humans (2015 Terror and guns in the U.S., Dear/PPH). Will 2016 be any different?

Here in the U.S., there is also the issue of police violence. While I am generally on the side that police are there to protect, many of them do not. Whether it is a few bad apples or only a few good apples, that is to be decided. There is too much violence, however, in the name of them without justice being served (Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Zachary Hammond). Will 2016 be any better?

Politics is heating up for 2016, too. Donald Trump is running and inciting violence (Trump Rallies, Homeless Man Beating). Then again, violence from politicians and media outlets caused other violent acts, too (Dear/Planned Parenthood).

When will it stop? When will violence and disgusting rhetoric and laws that prevent such stop? When will ignorance, bigotry and hate speech stop (Trump, Kim Davis)? Will the police be trained to help and not kill U.S. civilians? When will politicians make moves to stop allowing money in politics which allows for corruption and bribes (Wolf-PAC, Koch)? Will 2016 be that year? I hope.